Frequency Request for GB7PR

This is a NEW APPLICATION for a DV REPEATER (TETRA) on the 70CM band.
Station to be located at IO83PS near PRESTON

This DV REPEATER (TETRA) will NOT have ANALOGUE capability.
This DV REPEATER (TETRA) to have TETRA capability.

ETCC Region: North England
ETCC Vetting Agent is: G3VVT who can be contacted at g3vvt@ukrepeater.net

Applicant comments:
System will be linked to Echolink and to the svxlink TETRA project worldwide.

The applicant has given the following description of intended coverage:
Preston and the surrounding area, 10 mile radius.

Date proposal submitted: 3 Jan 2022
Frequency Request to Primary User/Ofcom: 20 Jan 2022  which means it has been with Ofcom for 9 days in total.

Locality Map

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