Vetting Information concerning MB7USU

Applicant is STEVE GREEN, G4EKM
This is a NEW APPLICATION for a PACKET:APRS on the 70CM band.
Station to be located at IO94GV near SUNDERLAND

This PACKET:APRS will NOT have ANALOGUE capability.

ETCC Region: North England
ETCC Vetting Agent is: G8SFR who can be contacted at g8sfr@ukrepeater.net

Applicant web site: http://www.nednet.org.uk

Applicant comments:
Experimental iGateway using LORA technologies to feed into the APRS system using low power devices

The applicant has given the following description of intended coverage:
The gateway will provide coverage in the Sunderland West and Washington area

Date proposal submitted: 23 Nov 2021

Locality Map

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