*Vetting Information concerning MB7UAR

Applicant is MM0ROR
This is a for a PACKET:APRS on the 2M band.
Station to be located near ABERDEEN

This PACKET:APRS will NOT have ANALOGUE capability.

ETCC Region: Scotland/Alba
ETCC Vetting Agent is: G8SFR who can be contacted at

Applicant web site:

This applicant has opted for site privacy which means we do not show detailed mapping for the proposal.
However the applicant has given the following description of coverage:
The antenna is located inside the attic. The house is middle-terrace. This means there is going to be attenuation from NE to E and from W to SW. Building outlines are available on Google Maps. Detailed building outlines are available on OpenStreetMap. The

Date proposal submitted: 15 Sep 2021
Date of NoV Expiry: 15 Oct 2022 - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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