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Northern Ireland Scotland Midlands North England Wales and Marches South-East England South-West England ETCC REGIONS

Further details for ETCC SCOTLAND REGION
Further details for ETCC MIDLANDS REGION
Further details for ETCC WALES & MARCHES REGION
Further details for ETCC SOUTH-EAST REGION
Further details for ETCC SOUTH-WEST REGION
Further details for ETCC N.IRELAND REGION
The RSGB Board Liaison member is Len Paget, GM0ONX
who can be contacted at gm0onx@rsgb.org
  • ETCC Chairman [Andrew Barrett, G8DOR]
    ETCC South-West England Manager
    email: g8dor@rsgb.online

  • ETCC Webmaster [Colin Dalziel, GM8LBC]
    ETCC Scotland Manager
    email: gm8lbc@ukrepeater.net

  • ETCC Gateway Manager [Steve Morton, G8SFR]
    ETCC Spectrum Manager
    email: g8sfr@rsgb.online

  • Status Recorder [Dave Dawson, G7UZN]
    ETCC South-East England Manager
    email: g7uzn@ukrepeater.net

  • [Bob Wilkinson, G3VVT]
    ETCC Northern England Manager
    email: g3vvt@ukrepeater.net

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  • RSGB President [John Mccullagh, GI4BWM]
    ETCC Northern Ireland Manager
    email: gi4bwm@ukrepeater.net

  • ETCC Minutes Secretary [Mark Lewis, GW7KDU]
    ETCC Wales and the Marches Manager
    email: gw7kdu@ukrepeater.net

  • ETCC Vice Chairman [Noel Matthews, G8GTZ]
    ETCC TV Repeaters Manager
    email: g8gtz@ukrepeater.net

  • Beacons Co-ordinator [Murray Niman, G6JYB]
    Radio Society of Great Britain
    email: murray.niman@rsgb.org.uk

  • Board Liaison Member [Len Paget, GM0ONX]
    RSGB Board Director
    email: gm0onx@ukrepeater.net

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