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THE DVSCOTLAND BURN`S NIGHT NET : Tuesday the 25th Jan 19.00 till 21.00 pm Utc Hosted By Gordon MM3XGP Available Via All 13 DV Scotland Repeaters on TG23556 (* Please Ensure Your Radio Is Set To Time Slot 2 *) GB7AY, GB7DA, GB7DM, GB7EY, GB7FE, GB7GD. GB7GG. GB7KN, GB7KY, GB7LV, GB7MM, GB7SM, GB7XG. MB6ST (Aberdeenshire ) On 144.8375 MHz (** D-STAR DIGITAL GATEWAY ONLY **) MB7ISM ( St Monans Fife ) On 144.9625 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz MB7IDD ( Dundee ) On 145.2375 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz DV Scotland Allstar HUB 53937 DV Scotland XLX600D - D-Star, DMR, YSF YAESU Wires-X - 44195 YAESU SYSTEM FUSION FCS23584 YAESU SYSTEM FUSION - 00-A-DVScotland Echolink Node - MB7ISM-L (St Monans Fife )Number 822128 PEANUT SYSTEM - DMR 23556 ** HAMSHACK HOTLINE NUMBER 94110 ** WEBSITE - dvscotland.net /MM3XGP

** GM5DVS Update ** Access via Ham Shack Hot Line has now been added to the DV Scotland Network. Connect to: 94110 from your Ham Shack Hot Line phone. This will Give full access to the Whole of the Dvscotland Multimode Repeater system Any issues please contact the DV Scotland Admin Team. /GM5DVS

Please check the date that your NoV expires.
Please set yourself a calendar alert on your phone/pc to apply for renewal at least a week before it is due to expire.
If your NoV expires it is not the fault of ETCC, it is the responsibility of the NoV holder to apply for renewal on time. Yes we do send out reminders, but these are often not received, end up in junk folders or ignored!
Operating the station without a valid NoV is technically illegal.
When an NoV expires the data is removed from our system and you will have to reapply from scratch.
Save yourself and us a lot of work by setting yourself a reminder today for one week before the expiry dates on your NoV or NoVs.
Thank you. / G8SFR [ETCC Data Manager]

** DV Scotland Update **
Access via Ham Shack Hot Line has now been added to the DV Scotland Network.
Connect to: 94106 from your Ham Shack Hot Line phone.
Any issues please contact the DV Scotland Admin Team. /GM5DVS

LOCH LOMOND SUNDAY NIGHT NET Via Echo Link MB7IBH-L & Locally In The Vale Of Leven & Clyde Areas On 145.33750Mhz Tone 103.5 From 8pm -9pm UK Time.
We will have The Dvscotland Who Will Be Connected across the there system covering most of Scotland via there 13 Multimode Repeaters For The Duration Of The Net. Net logger will be operating as Normal
RF Access via all DV Scotland Repeaters on DMR - TG23556.
DV Scotland DMR - TG23556 Peanut - DMR23556 DV Scotland All-star HUB - Node 53937 DV Scotland XLX600D Reflector - D-Star, DMR, YSF DV Scotland - Fusion II Reflector FCS23584 Echo Link Node - MM1CXE / 672203 DV Scotland Admin Team - GM5DVS

Hi, just to say GB3BK 70cm repeater on 430.900 (7.6 split) has now been switched on. If you want to send a report please send it to, dbiginton@virginmedia.com
73 Dave, G0WYG

Prior to Christmas the old home made DStar repeater was retired.
In its place is a modern TB7100 Tait analogue repeater which I converted for DStar using the dvrptr modem.
The Tait is working very well and in particular its receiver is demonstrating much better sensitivity. /G4HFG

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MB7UGY (GREAT YARMOUTH, 144.800000 MHz) 
is reported NOT OPERATIONAL 23 Jan 2022
Radio failure. Temporarily off air.

MB6IQI (MAIDSTONE, 433.650000 MHz) 
is reported OPERATIONAL 23 Jan 2022
After waiting the required time by Ofcom, MB6IQI is ready for on air operation

MB6RU (HEDNESFORD, 144.850000 MHz) 
is reported OPERATIONAL 22 Jan 2022
Internet fault rectified now operational.

GB7JM (ALFORD, 439.587500 MHz) 
is reported OPERATIONAL 22 Jan 2022

GB3BT (BERWICK ON TWEED, 145.700000 MHz) 
is reported OPERATIONAL 21 Jan 2022
GB3BT has returned to normal operation after the mast has been repaired due to damage caused by Storm Arwen.

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Latest Status Updates

MB7UGY near GREAT YARMOUTH reported by M5MSX as NOT OPERATIONAL from Sun 23 Jan [Radio failure. Temporarily off air. ]
MB6IQI near MAIDSTONE reported by M0LKW as OPERATIONAL from Sun 23 Jan
[After waiting the required time by Ofcom, MB6IQI is ready for on air operation ]
MB6RU near HEDNESFORD reported by G0DUQ as OPERATIONAL from Sat 22 Jan [Internet fault rectified now operational.]
GB7JM near ALFORD reported by M0AQC as OPERATIONAL from Sat 22 Jan
GB3BT near BERWICK ON TWEED reported by GM7LUN as OPERATIONAL from Fri 21 Jan
[GB3BT has returned to normal operation after the mast has been repaired due to damage caused by Storm Arwen.]
GB7CD-A near CARDIFF reported by GW6CUR  as OPERATIONAL from Fri 21 Jan
MB7UDA near GILLINGHAM reported by G7NVQ as FIRST SWITCH-ON from Fri 21 Jan [Testing at reduced Antenna height]
MB6RU near HEDNESFORD reported by G0DUQ as NOT OPERATIONAL from Thu 20 Jan
[Internet problem, the gateway will be off air for a few days until the fault is rectified.]
GB7NR near NOTTINGHAM reported by M0VUB as REDUCED OUTPUT from Thu 13 Jan
[Repeater on reduced O/P. Now connected to #DMRPlus & DCS248 P. New reflector supports #DSTAR #DMR #WIRESX #YSF #G3Terminal #FreeSTAR Get connected https://xlx248.freestar.network]
MB7USU near SUNDERLAND reported by G4EKM as OPERATIONAL from Thu 20 Jan

Latest proposals received

MB7ICW near WEST DRAYTON Simplex Gateway on 2M [NEW] on 23 Jan
GB3ZZ near BRISTOL CITY CENTRE TV Repeater on 23CM [SITE CHANGE] on 18 Jan
GB3VW near WYMONDHAM AV Repeater on 70CM [SITE CHANGE] on 15 Jan
GB7LC near LINCOLN Dual-Modes Repeater on 70CM [Freq.Clearance] on 4 Jan
GB7PR near PRESTON DV Repeater on 70CM [Freq.Clearance] on 3 Jan
GB3PN near PRESTON AV Repeater on 70CM [Freq.Clearance] on 3 Jan

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